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Pass Your APART Checkride or Your Next Stage Check With Quicker, Faster, and Better Results Than EVER Before!

Built by Pilots, FOR Pilots of the US Army

Have you ever wondered how some products sell? Products that are created by some nonsense brained guy that knows NOTHING about the product that's being sold? Yea, well, that's NOT the Army Checkride way. Only trained helicopter pilots and CFI's are allowed on our support staff and ONLY trained helicopter pilots and CFI's are allowed to train via the Checkride Series Flashcards available for your iPhone!

Get RID of All That Clutter

I have OVER 15 Flashcard sets at my house, and guess what? They just sit around, collecting dust. I hate that. And when they weren't sitting around collecting dust, I was LUGGING them around with me everywhere I went thinking I might just be able to study these while I'm out. How annoying. That's not the case anymore, with fully digital iPhone apps, you can store as many Flashcard sets as you would like on your digital hard drive to access at any point in time!

Breath Taking Imagery and Intuitive Interface

Have you ever used similar apps that are just 'thrown' together? They just aren't fun to use. Okay, I'll hand it to them for handing out free products, but comon, I'd much rather pay a few bucks to get something that actually works well, .... ANY DAY.

FREE Updates for LIFE! Don't forget that you get FREE updates for the lift of the this application (which I plan on being forever! So, stay Organized, Stay on Top of things, and discover the benefits of having digital flashcards in right in the palm of your hand!

  • Don't forget about the Bookmarking Features that are Seriously Awesome! Never forget which ones you need help with.
  • Look up cards in our "Smart" Instant Search Index... As you type the subject of the card you are looking for, the intutive interface instantly displays the cards you would like to see.
  • Like your App? Email a friend? Check out the website! Download the user instructions that make this App the #1 App on the Checkride Training Market!
  • Don't forget about the Free Upgrades! Everytime the Army makes a change, WE make the change for you, and GIVE you the change for FREE.

About Us

Just a simple and intutitive training aids for the US Army!

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